A Café Inspired by Love

More than just delicious coffee and fusion delights, we offer an experience that pays homage to Malaysian culture, tradition and nostalgia.

A passion for past PLEASURES

Long before Western Café’s became the norm in Malaysia, our local coffee culture revolved around what we called ‘Kopitiams’. A relaxed, cosy venue found in most villages, kopitiams are where folk would go to not just drink coffee and eat food, but to mingle with friends and family and learn the latest news of the day.

Coffee Box Malaysia
Coffee Box Malaysia
Coffee Box Malaysia

Even with the rise of Western cuisine in Malaysia, our country is still recognized for having some of the best food dishes found in the world. Our passion at Coffee Box is to keep this wonderful aspect of our Malaysian tradition alive and well. Thus, we are focused on delivering mouth-watering Malaysian fusion cuisine, presenting our friendly Malaysian culture as well as offering a reminder of our country’s rich history and traditions.

"Coffee Box aims to be recognized as the market leader for authentic Malaysian cuisine."

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